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This version is without music.It will be added in later updates.  There are 6 scene's.Enjoy!!!

Speed Run Mode and music Coming Soon!!!!

The full version will launch with the story at or steam.

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Updated 1 day ago
PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Unity


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Neat little game! Floaty jumps in general are fine imo, but different effects/physics in certain levels or through items might make it more interesting. I certainly enjoyed playing it. Thx!

Thanks for the feedback and for playing the game!

I have give the movement in the controls option in the menu

press Z

Cant jump in browser game :(

Press Z

Thank you!

how do you jump

nice! cool new levels :) 

Thanks for playing. I'm launching a mobile game soon i'll give you the link later.

Nice for a first version, try to work more on the physics.


The Gravity?

The mass?

Gravity is too weak IMO


Can you make it claimable?


pls download


Thank you :-)

Now you can also play on browser

That's a nice liitle game! Maybe you need to work a little on the physics on how fast the character falls and stuff :) But really cool so far!

Thanks for playing sam 

Music has not been added yet it will be updated with the full game.

And the story will be too.